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Variable Global Optical Circuits (OSaaS)

Optical Satellite-as-a-Service, “OSaaS” is equivalent to terrestrial wholesale fiber and undersea cable Infrastructure-as-a-Service, “IaaS”. Legacy terrestrial carriers offer a standardized wavelength product (e.g. 100Gbps), at 1550nm wavelength, committed to a dedicated, fixed route, service connection (24/7) to specific point-to-point destinations. 


OSaaS offers the customer a product priced, and delivered equivalent to terrestrial carrier services (IaaS), with the flexibility to self-provision new or re-task underutilized circuits to any Point of Presence (PoP’s) on the HALO network, irrespective of any location under a single pricing plan.

For example, traditional carrier services are based on routes, e.g. New York – London. If the customer wants to go beyond London for another destination, a new circuit is provisioned - London – Cairo - Two circuits, two prices, possibly bundled into a single MSA. 

HALO offers up to 100 global locations at a single, overall price – an aggregate of route pricing, discounted for scale – with the ability of the customer to prioritize connections, locations and traffic end-points. This flexibility allows a customer to maximize their carrier spend for data transport to locations when and where it is needed in real time.

Since HALO Global Access is provided ALL “ON-NET”, as an end-to-end global SD-Network, the customer can expect greater security, higher QoS, and lower latency then by relying on/off 3rd party “gap” network providers.

Key Service Elements:

  • ”Dedicated, Variable Circuit”

  • Throughput 72 100Gbps service links; 48 200Gbps network cross links for initial network capacity +14Tbps Bi-Directional

  • Global Service Delivery at the discretion and control of the Customer

  • Global (ALL Optical) Backbone consisting of 3 key operating elements:

    • Global Access (55° above, or below the Equator)) aka HALO’s SPACE CABLE® footprint

    • Extended Ground Network System of Diverse, Meshed Fiber

    • 20 – 25 SD-WAN’s, serving 100 Points of Presence (POPs)

  • All “On-Net”; All Software-Defined;

  • Network Management derived from patented, proprietary StarBeam™ Operating System;

  • Initial Product Set is:

    • Self-provisioned large, “elephant” data packets for global wholesale transport provider 

    • Re-broadcast of programming to the network edge, bypassing “on/off net 3rd party providers

    • Wireless Backhaul

    • Industry Standard SLAs; QoS; Latency Reps & Warranties



Additional Services


Products Include:
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
Optical Network Transport (ONT)
Wireless Backhaul
Private Line
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
5G Mobile Networks

Connectivity without Boundaries​™

The value of Laser Light’s HALO Global Network is its ability to seamlessly link not only the world’s major business centers but also formally unreachable and remote locations with on-demand bandwidth, providing the world-class tools and services customers need to move information quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly.




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Laser Light will deploy an All-Optical Hybrid Global Communications Network called HALO™ – providing Connectivity without Boundaries™.  The 12-MEO satellite constellation will connect existing infrastructure locations, as well as remote and formally unreachable locations around the world.

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