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Global Direct Connect On-Demand (ODaaS)

HALO’s “On-Demand” bandwidth service, ODaaS, provides an end-to-end, SD standard, transport layer, comprised of a global satellite constellation, serving as the long haul element.  This is connected to 20+ SD-WANs situated within high-data demand regions around the world and serving 100 PoP’s located at carrier-neutral data centers, or customer premises at the edge of the LAN network. 



HALO ODaaS will provide a global upload/download system for large data packets, e.g. 1 Tbyte or more, anytime/anywhere, amongst HALO’s multiple global locations. The HALO network’s ability to connect, download, and re-task services by means of 72 space-based steerable optical links, 3 of which are in view of any SD-WAN for up to 1.5 hours, permits it to connect to multiple locations, exceeding 5 Pbytes of volume, global, daily.

HALO ODaaS network will permit enterprise customers, once pre-registered, via a personalized web portal, to self-provision, select, monitor, and control the transport of their data across a fully integrated, standardized operating system, to any HALO PoP, globally, without need of a long-term contract, or coordination with any sales representative. More importantly, the enterprise customer will only pay for ODaaS for the volume of data transported across the network – a unique offering for cost-conscious enterprises seeking more control over their network expenditures, without sacrificing global service access.

Key Service Elements:


  • ”On-Demand”

  • Direct Connect: Customer self-provisioned, directed, managed, monitored

  • Global Service Delivery at the discretion and control of the Customer via a secure, web-based service portal:

    • Pre-registered on the HALO Network on any/all end-to-end PoP’s

    • Originate, direct, and monitor service delivery, latency, volume

    • On-demand, or timed delivery options

    • Large data packets capable of distribution to single, multiple locations

    • Pay for usage, each event, not access, i.e. $X per TByte

    • No annual contract, or obligatory VAS

  • All “On-Net”; All Software-Defined

  • Network Management derived from patented, proprietary StarBeam Operating System

  • Re-broadcast of programming to the network edge, bypassing “on/off net” 3rd party providers

  • Industry Standard SLAs, QoS, Latency Reps & Warranties



Products Include:
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
Optical Network Transport (ONT)
Wireless Backhaul
Private Line
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
5G Mobile Networks

Products & Services

Connectivity without Boundaries​™

The value of Laser Light’s HALO Global Network is its ability to seamlessly link not only the world’s major business centers but also formally unreachable and remote locations with on-demand bandwidth, providing the world-class tools and services customers need to move information quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly.



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