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"Beyond the Edge" Service - The Disadvantaged User

HALO’s Beyond The Network Edge” service offers 100X higher speed and throughput compared to the latest RF (Radio Frequency) satellites, such as HTS (High Throughput Satellite) technology, or terrestrial microwave solutions. 

HALO™ “Beyond The Network Edge” is an On Demand service offered either by the duration of connectivity or by volume pricing. The charges are not calculated based on distance, route or destination.


High volume data is now available in remote areas previously served only by RF-based satellites with very limited throughput in comparison.  This HALO service provides support and connectivity in remote locations, e.g. oil rigs, mining camps, emergencies and disaster response, or military contingency operations. It is particularly attractive when there is an immediate need of high volume data communication in underserved areas to the global grid.

Key Service Elements:


  • Portable All-Optical All "On-Net" 100Gbps Ground Node Station GNS
    with Comms van PoP

  • Truck, rail, helicopter, and aircraft compatible

  • All Software-Defined

  • Customer self-provisioned, directed, managed, Monitored

  • Pay for usage, connectivity duration or volume, per event, i.e. $/GByte

  • Customers

    • Fortune 1000 Enterprises with remote presence

    • Civil government agencies and NGO's engaged in disaster relief

    • Deployed military; contingency operations

  • Footprint

    • Global Access (55 degrees above/below the Equator)

    • HALO’s Space Cable® footprint.

  • SDN API provides
    Global Service Delivery at the discretion and control of the Customer via a secure, web-based service portal:

    • Pre-registered on the HALO Network on any/all end-to-end POP’s

    • Originate, direct, and monitor service delivery, latency, and volume

    • On-demand or timed delivery options

    • Large data packets capable of distribution to single or multiple locations

  • Weather Prediction and Routing

    • The weather prediction and routing is derived from our Patented and Proprietary StarBeam™ Operating System.

  • Interfaces

    • Protocol transparent Transmission using proprietary interfaces.

  • Service Availability

    • Requires Cloud Free Line Of Sight (CFLOS) to a HALO Satellite in order to be able to transmit and receive – “Service Available” offering.



Products Include:
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
Optical Network Transport (ONT)
Wireless Backhaul
Private Line
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
5G Mobile Networks

Additional Services


Products & Services

Connectivity without Boundaries​™

The value of Laser Light’s HALO Global Network is its ability to seamlessly link not only the world’s major business centers but also formally unreachable and remote locations with on-demand bandwidth, providing the world-class tools and services customers need to move information quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly.



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