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Zella DC partners with Laser Light Companies and the HALO NETWORK COMPANY to Reinvent the Edge Data Center

Reston, Va. – June 3, 2024 - Zella DC, an Australian global leader in micro data centers, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Laser Light Communications Inc (Laser Light-US) and its Australian affiliate, The HALO NETWORK COMPANY Pty (HALO), on an ambitious project – to redesign the Edge Data Center. The partners agree that the consumption of data services must get closer to the consumer – government or commercial – at the point closest to its consumption. Those customers farthest from the big data centers, however, are under-served, if served at all. Laser Light, HALO and Zella DC want to change that shortcoming.


Zella DC has been and continues to be at the forefront of micro data center innovation, with deployments in operation globally.  These solutions are designed to be incredibly energy-efficient, robust, and adaptable to a wide range of environments, from urban centers to the most remote and harsh locations on the planet. Zella DC also expects this collaboration to include other Australian entities, which will contribute to this cooperative research and development project to create something “truly innovative” – a micro data center pod which can operate in extreme, remote, and hostile environments without sacrificing capabilities.  


Laser Light and HALO are bringing to market a global networking platform that delivers a first-of-a-kind 21st century service, transforming accessibility to high-volume data services for under-served communities. Their goal is to deploy a multi-domain, all-optical global platform – comprised of satellites, terrestrial fibre, subsea cable, micro data facilities, and AI-patented operating software - providing customers unparalleled, highly secure, high-capacity, environmentally efficient, low-latency data services on demand.  By co-locating these modular data pods as an extension of its multi-domain platform, Laser Light and HALO will be able to expand its service portfolio to deliver personalised, data products and services to all communities at the near and far edge of the network. The Zella DC Edge modular data centers will serve as the focal point for Laser Light services. 


The partners intend as a part of their collaboration to produce these modular data centers in Australia for use domestically, as well as the export market to over 300 planned locations across the globe in the coming years. The scale of this project will drive employment at Zella DC’s facilities in Perth, as well as Sydney through HALO. More importantly, Australian designed-built-exported next-generation modular data centers will be distributed to Far Edge communities world-wide and become a global standard for this solution.


“This collaboration with Laser Light and HALO is a testament to our commitment to driving technological advancements in Australia, supporting global demands for innovative approaches to bridge the “data gap”.  We are extremely proud to contribute our expertise to this ground-breaking project, creating new solutions that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability required for extreme conditions.” Angie Keeler, CEO and Co-founder, Zella DC.


“With artificial intelligence and other application latency requirements increasing needs of businesses to extend their clouds to the far edge of the networks, this extension of our service portfolio, levers our investment in next-generation data infrastructures to include not just networking but also computing resources. Zella DC’s micro data pods will be good for our customers, the environment, and our business,” said Bob Brumley, Chairman and CEO of Laser Light Companies.  “By collaborating with an industry leader, Zella DC, we are able to take advantage of their unique experience and expertise as well as to extend commitment - investment, and staffing -  to the Australian market.” 


About Zella DC: Zella DC is a global leader in edge-ready and containerised micro data centers. The company offers state-of-the-art indoor, outdoor, and containerised solutions engineered to overcome the unique challenges of storing and using IT equipment at the edge. These micro data centers are designed to meet the needs of all industries and environments. For more information, visit


About Laser Light Communications:  Laser Light Companies is the owner/operator of a next-generation data services platform – a network of networks – which will transform the way high volume data services are distributed, and managed – regionally and globally. Using a hybrid management approach converging terrestrial, sub-sea, and space domains, an end-to-end software architecture, a commitment to a “best route, best latency” service; and a unique business model which emphasizes efficiency and operational simplicity, the Laser Light all-optical global data platform will connect companies, countries, and continents at high speed, more flexibly, securely, and economically than ever before. Laser Light Companies will do for networking what Cloud did for computing. For more information, please visit


Delmorgan & Co., an internationally recognized investment banking firm, is leading the Laser Light equity and debt raise. For transaction inquiries, contact:


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