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Laser Light Completes Corporate Registration in Bermuda

Reston, VA, June 28, 2023 – On June 9, 2023, Laser Light Holdings, Ltd. formally completed its corporate registration in Bermuda. Additionally, the company’s board of directors was formed, met, and passed resolutions recognizing the founding members, appointing the corporate officers, and authorizing the company to conduct business.

As a Bermuda registered and based company, Laser Light will fall under the regulatory authority of the Office of Communications (Ofcom) in the United Kingdom for telecommunications matters and under the European Space Agency (ESA) for its space-related matters such as orbit and coordination, as appropriate. Taxation matters will fall under the auspices of the Bermuda government. Additionally, Bermuda will host the primary banking operations for the holding company.

Holdings will serve as the parent of the expanding Laser Light Companies, which currently include registrations and operations in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Laser Light will expand these regional service companies over the next few months to include Europe, Africa, LatAm, MENA, and the Caribbean. All will be owned and overseen by Holdings.

“In assessing where best to base and consolidate all the corporate functions of our growing global business, Bermuda easily became the most logical choice and will give us the agility and efficiencies we need,” said Bob Brumley, chairman and CEO of Laser Light Holdings. “On behalf of all the Laser Light Companies, I would like to thank the Bermuda Development Agency for all their efforts assisting us, as well as Appleby LLC for their critical legal advice, to help us quickly and efficiently register so that we can more effectively address the growing demand for our services. We would also like to recognize the excellent and efficient international tax work performed by Marcum LLP, and Milbank, LLP. Their insights and experience in assisting in our overall corporate structure will pay dividends to our shareholders in the near future.”

About Laser Light Holdings, Ltd

Laser Light Holdings, Ltd is the owner/operator of an emerging global optical platform – network of networks – which will deliver a first-of-a-kind 21st century data service that will transform the way high volume data communications traffic is carried, distributed, and utilized. Using a hybrid approach converging terrestrial, sub-sea, and space domains; an end-to-end software architecture, committed to a “best route, best latency” service; and a unique business model which emphasizes efficiency and operational simplicity, the Laser Light all-optical global data platform will connect companies, countries, and continents at high speed, more flexibly, securely and economically than ever before. Laser Light Holdings, Ltd, and its subsidiary Companies will do for networking what Cloud did for computing. For more information, please visit

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