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GT Systems SPAN-AI To Be Integrated into Laser Light Global Beta Network Deployment

Companies sign Memorandum of Understanding to Co-Develop Compatibilities of Operating Systems

Intent to Integrate Artificial Intelligence into Innovative Content Native Networking

Sydney, Australia, August 17, 2023 – Australian-based GT Systems has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Laser Light Companies to integrate its technologies into Laser Light’s upcoming inaugural beta trial at the University of Technology Labs in Sydney. Laser Light and Nokia announced in June a $25 million (USD) beta program to demonstrate elements of its first-of-a-kind, 21st century intelligent global network. GT Systems will participate in the Laser Light-Nokia beta trial with its innovative network protocol and operating system, SPAN-AI™, with the goal of pioneering the application of AI to Content Native Networking.

GT Systems’ SPAN-AI software empowers a new and more efficient way to distribute content via the Internet, enabling 10X more efficient and 10X faster next generation applications such as advanced user experiences, industrial automation, and streaming of studio quality movies and live events to mass audiences.

For the first time, the network and the content it carries will adjust in real time to meet demand, not the other way around. SPAN-AI will enable the intelligent Laser Light global network and its local partner networks to make those adjustments in real time. The placement of virtual services and caching of data in the network will be optimised by SPAN-AI’s patented Machine Reinforcement Learning (MRL) and stochastic optimisation architecture and algorithms. SPAN-AI enables a federated Universal Content Distribution Network. The network becomes the cloud™.

The Chairman and CEO of Laser Light Companies, Bob Brumley, said “Customers’ are demanding greater access to data – whether mobile, fixed, in the metro or the far edge of the network - for more useable content, computing, or enterprise applications. Those demands are placing increasing pressures on legacy networks and their underlying software to be better – in real time. GT Systems’ SPAN-AI will enable us to better and uniquely meet those demands with our greenfield, all-optical network.”

The founder and CTO of GT Systems, Rhett Sampson, said “Laser Light’ next-generation global network with its underlying intelligence, responsiveness, and scope is the perfect platform for SPAN-AI to demonstrate its capabilities. The added benefit of working with Laser Light is that their beta trial is centred here, in Australia, with planned phased expansion to four other markets – Africa, LatAm, US, and Europe, making SPAN-AI a global solution to the problems of the legacy Internet.”

About Laser Light Companies

Laser Light is building a next-generation data platform to offer data-as-a-service on a global scale. Comprised of a terrestrial and subsea fibre network and enhanced by an optical satellite constellation, the platform will also incorporate micro data center facilities globally to provide carriers, hyperscalers, OTT providers, and enterprise customers with a high-volume and low latency network that is highly redundant, responsive, and secure.

About GT Systems.

GT Systems is pioneering the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Reinforcement Learning (MRL) for optimisation of Content Native Networks. GT Systems’ SPAN-AI technology enables networks that are intelligent, autonomous, self-optimising, elastic, content native, and on demand. The network becomes the cloud at the edge of tomorrow™.


Rhett Sampson, founder and CTO

+61 418 44 6060


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