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Confluence Networks and Laser Light Communications Announce Long-Term Subsea Fiber Agreement

Coral Gables, Fla. and Reston, Va. – April 23, 2024 - Confluence Networks LLC, a developer and provider of subsea fiber-optic network connectivity, and Laser Light Communications Inc., a developer and provider of software-controlled optical network services, proudly announce the execution of a 25-year agreement, worth over $20 million, for Laser Light to utilize the planned Confluence‑1 subsea fiber network as a key element in its global network.

Under the terms of this agreement, Confluence Networks will provide Laser Light with the exclusive right to use certain Dark Fiber assets on Confluence-1, which will interlink major global network centers along the East Coast of the United States.

Confluence-1 presents a robust alternative to existing terrestrial routes along the so-called I‑95 corridor, while also facilitating seamless interconnection with international cable systems connecting from South America and Europe.  The network thus performs simultaneously as a key connector in the global undersea network and as a robust, low-latency route in the US domestic network. The end-to-end network will span about 1,935 Km (1,200 miles) directly from Wall, NJ to Boca Raton, FL with branched connections to three intermediate landings: Virginia Beach, VA; Myrtle Beach, SC; and Jacksonville, FL.

The ability to move user data quickly, safely, and coherently between landings on the Confluence‑1 system allows Laser Light to achieve unparalleled reliability in its global service.

The Confluence‑1 network will comprise 24 fiber pairs and a total assignable capacity of over 1800 Tbps on 60 direct point-to-point connections. The system is expected to be in operation for Laser Light’s planned full global rollout of its terrestrial and subsea networks in 2026, to prepare for the delivery and convergence of its optical satellite constellation in 1Q2027.

Confluence Networks CEO Paul Scott stated “We are excited to be working with the innovators at Laser Light. We each offer unique alternatives to established networks that will enhance user options in our respective markets; we look forward to building a strong, mutually beneficial working relationship.”


Laser Light CEO Bob Brumley added “Confluenece‑1 delivers a unique East Cost transmission alternative that is ideal for Laser Light. The ability for us to switch at the optical level between cable landings on the Confluence system will allow us to respond quickly to the atmospheric conditions along the east coast that can affect optical transmissions to and from our satellites. Both companies, working together, also bring the North American coastline closer together – lower latency within and across the country; lower latency globally.”


About Confluence Networks LLC

Confluence Networks was founded by a group of seasoned industry professionals – Paul Scott, Valentina Gallardo, and David Ross – with the express purpose of developing Confluence-1, the first subsea system to interconnect key cable landings and data center sites on the US East Coast, simultaneously providing a robust, truly diverse, and low latency alternative to existing networks. Confluence Networks has assembled a team of renowned specialist companies to realize the network.


About Laser Light Inc.

Laser Light Companies is the owner/operator of a next-generation data services platform – a network of networks – which will transform the way high volume data services are distributed, and managed – regionally and globally. Using a hybrid management approach converging terrestrial, sub-sea, and space domains, an end-to-end software architecture, a commitment to a “best route, best latency” service; and a unique business model which emphasizes efficiency and operational simplicity, the Laser Light all-optical global data platform will connect companies, countries, and continents at high speed, more flexibly, securely, and economically than ever before. Laser Light Companies will do for networking what Cloud did for computing. For more information, please visit

Delmorgan & Co., an internationally recognized investment banking firm, is leading the Laser Light equity and debt raise. For transaction inquiries, contact:

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