Laser Light™ All Optical Satellite System™ Design Program Launched

Laser Light Communications™, LLC commenced its System Design Program for its proposed All Optical Satellite System™ [OSS] constellation based entirely on Free Space Optics. Laser Light’s Design kick-off was preceded by several months of independent survey on the current state of the industrial base and the commercial viability to build and operate an All Optical Satellite System. Laser Light’s™ team determined that due in large measure to US and European aerospace firm advances in government-funded programs, such as the Transformational Satellite Program, or TSAT, the design, production, and operational expertise was sufficiently advanced beyond the research stage, and evenly distributed amongst multiple vendors to support a competitive, firm-fixed price procurement program key to a commercial venture such as Laser Light™.

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Laser Light will deploy an All-Optical Hybrid Global Communications Network called HALO™ – providing Connectivity without Boundaries™.  The 12-MEO satellite constellation will connect existing infrastructure locations, as well as remote and formally unreachable locations around the world.

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